Our Team

Walter Iman

Wally has been locating and assisting in the acquisition and restoration of environmentally sensitive land tracts for over a decade. Having been involved in location, acquisition and restoration of over 12,000 acres of environmental land since 1999, Wally continues to seek and consult with owners of high quality land targets with excellent wetland and riparian characteristics for restoration and mitigation purposes. Having spent nearly 35 years in the real estate industry, Wally has developed a systematic approach to land analysis and is considered an expert in alternative, ecological land uses. Within MITICO, Wally acts as General Manager and leads the company’s efforts in land analysis and acquisition. He also consults with the team regularly in the areas of conservation easements, mitigation proposals and credit sales, short and long term mitigation site management.


Matt Roth

Matt is a certified soil scientist and is responsible for wetland delineations, mitigation design and planning, and mitigation bank development and construction. He has been involved with wetland regulations for 18 years. During those 18 years he has implemented and assessed wetland projects in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. He is a member of the Society of Wetland Scientists and Missouri Association of Professional Soil Scientists. Matt received his BS in agronomy from Missouri State University.


Zach Morris

Zach holds a BS in Wildlife Biology from Missouri State University and will receive a master’s degree in Natural Resource Science and Management from the University of Missouri in December of 2018. He has worked in a variety of settings to preserve aquatic systems through management, scientific research, and advocacy. Zach is responsible for promoting Mitico’s restoration services through partnerships with landowners and conservation organizations. He will also assess the impact of restoration projects on the aquatic resources present and craft mitigation and management plans accordingly.

Eric Dannenmaier

Eric Dannenmaier is a natural resources attorney licensed in Washington, DC with a degree in Biology from Drury University, law degrees from Boston University and Oxford, and a Doctorate in Law from Columbia. He was part of the national environmental practice in Bryan Cave’s Washington office before directing USAID’s Environmental Law Program.  He has directed the Tulane Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, now the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law & Policy, and taught Environmental Law, Water Law, and Constitutional Law at Indiana University McKinney School of Law where he also founded and directed the Law School’s Graduate Program in Environmental, Energy, and Natural Resources Law. In 2012, President Barack Obama appointed Eric to serve on the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s Joint Public Advisory Committee.  Eric and his wife Maria moved to St. Louis in 2017 so he could return to his roots (and his native city) to work on natural resource policy, and water and wetland conservation.  Eric is on LinkedIn and Twitter @EdanEcho, and his publications are available at SSRN. His early work in environmental policy was profiled by Drury University Magazine in fall 2010 at pages 33-35.


Robert Stout

Robert retired from state government after a career planning and implementing public policy for more than four decades. In 2018, he established Strategic Outreach and Planning, LLC and has teamed with MITICO with the goal of forming public private partnerships to develop and implement solutions to watershed-scale problems. Prior to retirement, Robert served as the Chief of Policy for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. His responsibilities included the development and implementation of a watershed approach to address Missouri’s water quality challenges. He has successfully negotiated partnerships with federal, state, and local and not-for-profit partners to collaborate on major studies in the Meramec and Lower Grand watersheds. Robert’s experience includes representing the State of Missouri on the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association, serving as chair in 2016. His diverse responsibilities have included serving as Missouri State Liaison Officer to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and coordinating NEPA consultation for the Department with federal, state, local government agencies for a variety of major projects.