Indian Creek Mitigation Project- 2023

This project preserves and restores approximately 6,880 linear feet of perennial stream channel in the Meramec River watershed. The Meramec River watershed has become increasingly affected by expanding urban and agricultural practices associated with Rolla, Salem and the suburbs of St. Louis.

Nodaway River Mitigation Site – 2021

‘ Located in both Andrew and Holt County along the Nodaway River. Phase 1 includes approximately 3,175 linear feet of perennial stream and 1,225 linear feet of ephemeral stream that was restored and preserved. This project also included the restoration of approximately 4.1 acres of emergent wetland within 3 acres of grassed wetland buffer. Phase

Elk River Mitigation Site- 2020

Located in McDonald County, this project was developed for the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to provide mitigation for impacts associated with the expansion of Interstate 49 in the Elk River Watershed. The project preserved and restored approximately 6075 linear feet of perennial stream channel.  

Cuivre River Riparian Mitigation Site – 2020

The Cuivre River Riparian Mitigation Site is the largest project to date. Over a mile of the Cuivre River will be protected and preserved for perpetuity. Approximately 6,000 linear feet of the streambank was experiencing severe erosion, causing the bank to recede and degrading the water quality.   Mitico stabilized and restored the bank which

Big Creek Riparian Mitigation Site – 2018

The Big Creek mitigation site is located in Lincoln County, Missouri and protects the riparian corridor of over one mile of Big Creek. In addition to riparian restoration and protection, the site includes a total of 1,900 linear feet of streambank stabilization using a variety of techniques including longitudinal peak stone toe protection, rock vanes,