In-Lieu Fee Mitigation

In-Lieu Fee (ILF) mitigation is one type of mitigation used to compensate for unavoidable impacts to streams and wetlands.  In this mitigation approach, a permittee pays a fee to a third party (Program Sponsor) instead of conducting on- or off-site permittee-responsible mitigation or buying credits from a mitigation bank.  The fee charged by the Program Sponsor represents the expected costs of replacing stream or wetland functions lost or degraded as a result of the permittee’s impact.

Mitico has partnered with The Land Learning Foundation (LLF), a Missouri non-profit, environmental education and conservation organization, to better satisfy permittee’s compensatory mitigation needs.  In addition to satisfying mitigation requirements, when permittees use LLF for their mitigation needs, they are helping educate the next generation on preserving our state’s natural resources.  To learn more about The Land Learning Foundation and this new offering, call an LLF representative at 1-800-761-6171 or visit the organization’s website,