Our Team

Our Team
Wally Iman Founder
Our Team

Walter Iman


Wally has been locating and assisting in the acquisition and restoration of environmentally sensitive land tracts for over a decade. Having been involved in location, acquisition and restoration of over 12,000 acres of environmental land since 1999, Wally continues to seek and consult with owners of high quality land targets with excellent wetland and riparian characteristics for restoration and mitigation purposes. Having spent nearly 35 years in the real estate industry, Wally has developed a systematic approach to land analysis and is considered an expert in alternative, ecological land uses. Within MITICO, Wally acts as General Manager and leads the company’s efforts in land analysis and acquisition. He also consults with the team regularly in the areas of conservation easements, mitigation proposals and credit sales, short and long term mitigation site management.


Matt Roth

Certified Soil Scientist

Matt is responsible for wetland delineations, mitigation design and planning, and mitigation bank development and construction. He has been involved with wetland regulations for 18 years. During those 18 years he has implemented and assessed wetland projects in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. He is a member of the Society of Wetland Scientists and Missouri Association of Professional Soil Scientists. Matt received his BS in agronomy from Missouri State University


Our Team
Lakeya Brantley General Counsel
Our Team

Lakeya Brantley

General Counsel

Lakeya is a J.D. and M.B.A. graduate from Saint Louis University who has worked with MITICO for the past six years with the company’s regulatory and compliance requirements. She's responsible for relationship management and project compliance; drafts monitoring reports; assists in project acquisition; and serves as a liaison between MITICO and regulatory agencies.